One Aon Fatality

A sci-fi/fantasy/horror novel to be published by Dream's Edge Publishing spring 2021.

A chance encounter has the Horizons Corporation realizing that their want to control the weather means accounting for literal forces of nature, gods. By creating the Aons, they plan to use them to chase and destroy these powerful beings. There is a small catch; their first Aon, Fatality. Being told her only function is to live, die, hunt, kill, she can only want for something better, a world where nature doesn’t bow to man, nor to Horizons.

Cuddles, Devourer of Worlds & All of the Above

Cosmic humor/horror short stories to be published in one of Aberrant Literature's upcoming anthologies. Sometime 2021.

Jane encounters a fluffy pink critter who eats the neighbor's dog, the neighbor, then the world.

Josh Adams is summoned before five cosmic deities and made to choose, of the five, whose cruel dominion will rule over Earth.
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A speculative/romance novel seeking representation.

All Naomi wants is to fit in, find love, and get a promotion, banking her success on her sewing skills and fashion knowledge to help her achieve her dreams and be accepted as a person. Large goals in a world that caters to the wider majority and in turn ostracizes the thin few.

Beautiful Dreamer

A YA fantasy novel, currently WIP.

Dreams are windows into the lives of Ruta's 90,000 multidimensional Selves. She becomes trapped in a dream unable to escape while Dr. Toksvig and his Selves work out a means to create a portal to invade all of Ruta's dimensions and that of everyone else's.