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Vanessa is a Vancouver, Canada native and resident. Her education has revolved around computer generated media and design. The skills learned include drafting, interface design, graphic design, 3D art and traditional art mediums. Through the Art Institute's Game Art and Design course, Vanessa developed specialties in Character Modeling and Character Concepting. Within the field, she also furthered her skills in the area of Software Testing.  While learning to become a well-versed artist and analyst, free time is devoted to exploring the realms of literature.

Whether characters, interfaces or documentation, all of them follow one, cohesive approach. The work must be clean, checked for errors and present a theme which people can identify with. It is intended for those who view the work to see strong writing, strong understanding of line and color, and the skills to implement them.

▪   Utilizes these programs: Microsoft Office Professional Suite 2007, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Maya 10, Zbrush 3, Adobe Premier Elements 8, Adobe Illustrator CS5
▪   General skillset: Quick learner, keen eye for detail, strong verbal/written skills, eager personality

▪   Texture Artist and Cinematic Director for "Bitt Warriors" (6 months)
▪   Interface Designer/Artist for "Toy Box Interactive" (3 months)
▪   Game Tester and Quality Analyst "Electronic Arts" (21 months+)
▪   Customer Service/Tech Support Representative for "Geek Squad" (8 months)
▪   Freelance art and design work (Ongoing)
▪   For additional information, please email.

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