. . . this website is the portfolio of the freelance artist and writer, Vanessa.  Why VLK249?  It is the combination of initials and the sum of 15 (2+4+9), Vanessa's favorite number. VLK249.com is comprised of some of Vanessa's more professional works from her time spent learning the art of Game Art and Design at the Art Institute and onward.

The work showcased here is of varying degrees in style and quality, which is split between three categories:

. . . 3D. . . Graphics. . . Design

For information about the artist's background, current updates, and available downloads; please use the links provided on the left side of your browser. Any inquiries regarding the work shown on this site or Vanessa's availability please contact her via her email at vlk249@hotmail.com.

This website is sized for 1024x768 desktops.

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