. . .  man-made reaper/'s insanity.

Designed in a laboratory to be an organic weapon, MB escaped into the world because of her creators' ill intentions. She has a moral obligation to all things revolving around death, though her association leaves her vulnerable to her twisted potential, known as CMB. With no inhibitions, CMB lives to fuel only her chaotic desires.

CMB (silver) is a texture and mesh edit of MB, dubbed the gemini models for their many similar design characteristics. The pair only have final stage models, both done in Maya 7.0. They have two primary color maps of 2048x2048 and 1024x1024, with many texture maps of varying scales for reflectivity, glows, et cetera. The final models are 24071 tris and equipped with over a dozen individual expressions. They are intended for varying media.

MB/CMB . . .
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