. . . the art of creating through text and thought; this is Vanessa's design work.

Below there is an assortment of design work to view. Just click on a link and you will be directed to either a corresponding web page, image or a downloadable .pdf for your viewing.

Design . . .
Battle Dance - "Prepare to battle! Now, let's dance!" The concept of a game where combatants duel with music as their arsenal.
.rar available (5.25 mb)
Physical - A Survival Horror game where the user explores the stretches of their memory as Jessica Halbourne; a ghost in search of the reasons behind her death.
.pdf available (1 mb)
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X.ray - Simple, easy-to-navigate website with cryptic theme.
.swf available (.5 mb)
Bubbles - Freeform website with relatively expansive navigation system and animations.
.swf available (1.1 mb)
Squishy - Educational Flash game with opening, front-end and back-end game interfaces.
.jpg1    .jpg2     .jpg3
Pursuit - Dog-fight tabletop game.
iPhone Apps - Includes a collection of graphics made for various apps. Some are available online.
.rar available (2.3 .mb)
Coins - Dwarven life and goddess inspired coin designs for Gregson Vaux Artifacts.
.rar available (669 kb)